10.04.2020 // Here is an up-to-date version of our album-bandpic... some very nice Easter days for all of you and stay healthy!!!

29.03.2020 // 2020 started so well for MIR ZUR FEIER: Together with KONVENT in Hannover, first show in Belgium, the calendar full of confirmed and planed gigs... but now we have to overcome Covid-19 first! Especially for bassist Leo as a nurse and drummer René at the Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Bethel this is a really challenging time.


Nevertheless we are hard-working: as best as possible under current conditions, we are writing on the next album and prepare for the second half of the year, where hopefully the situation starts to normalize.


And damn it all, we miss you... So at least we are actually creating a live-video to TOTENTANZ from our current album. The material has been shot at the FemME-Battles final in Eindhoven 2018, where we played this song live

for the first time. Thanks so much to LEO HERMKENS for the footage.


Wait for it and stay healthy!!!

16.02.2020 // Two weekends, many kilometers, three great shows and a bunch of really kind people we met... more of that!!!

15.01.2020 // Join us this Saturday at JZ STRICKER Bielefeld for the FEMALE METAL MELTDOWN 2 together with ALKEMY (Suisse) and FLOWERLEAF (Brazil/Germany)!!!

01.01.2020 // Happy New Year to all of you!!!

30.11.2019 // Little stopover in Söllingen-Rheinmünster. Thanks to Ben and his family for their hospitality. Next stop FEMALE METAL FEST in Genève!

26.11.2019 // Whow... a big thanks to all of you, who made our release-gig on Sunday to such an unforgettable memory: Ralf Buschmann, Urszula Plaza and FORUM BIELEFELD, our friends of TOXIC ARMY, PANDORA'S KEY and KILLING SUZY, our label NOIZGATE RECORDS ...and especially YOU: the celebrating audience (in part with a really long travel), this was really awesome!!!


Next Saturday we conquer Genève at the FEMALE METAL FEST...

23.11.2019 // Yeaaahhh!!! TOXIC ARMY already arrived at Bielefeld. Strengthen with burgers for tomorrows show at FORUM BIELEFELD.

19.11.2019 // Join the video-premiere of our new lyric-video for DU DUNKELHEIT on 22 November at Youtube.

16.11.2019 // Yayyyyy... Leo and Daniel are so happy about the delivery of our new merchandise done by fairtrademerch. The classic MIR ZUR FEIER-logo-shirt is back in stock (also as girlie) and the limited shirts with the awesome design by Jens Gößling / Blue Harvest Tattoo also arrived. Available also as high quality print!!!

13.11.19 // MIR ZUR FEIER have to babies to celebrate this month: the first one will be released at 22 November and is our debut-album. The other one was born last Tuesday, weighs 3800g and has blue eyes, of course... We welcome FINN to the MIR ZUR FEIER-family and wish all the best to the proud parents, our bassist Leo and his 'Mrs. Right' Jenny!!!

09.11.19 // Yeah!!! You can pre-order our new album now on CD, Vinyl and digital (follow link below). Therefore we will start a really nice campaign: Everyone sending us a screenshot of the pre-order confirmation will participate in a draw. The price: Free entry to our release-gig at Forum Bielefeld on 24 November and a brand-new, limited Mir zur Feier-shirt with a great design by done by Jens Gößling // Blue Harvest Tattoo Atelier. Closing date is the 21 November.



26.10.19 // That was fun: Yesterday we did a short clip for the Female Metal Fest in Genève in front of the Art Gallery in our hometown Bielefeld.



21.10.19 // Jiiiihaaa... we got a delivery!!! We can't wait to let you hear this incredible record. Mir zur Feier will be out on 11//22//19 not only on CD and online, but also in posh vinyl edition!!!

18.10.19 // SAVE!!! THE!!! DATE!!!



15.09.19 // This has made us feel good: At last stage air and spotlight again! Thanks a lot for a lovely night at Gießen. Great audience, fancy location, real nice fellows... Gladly again!

08.09.19 // Finally! First rehearsal-weekend after our forced break... that feels good!!! Already next weekend in Gießen we are starting in a hot autumn.

29.08.19 // Dear Ones! It has been a while since you heard something about Mir zur Feier. That for a reason: Two of us had to go under the knife. Our guitarist Daniel has a vein-surgery at his legs, but after some weeks of regeneration he is fully operational. Mara got it even worse, because of a malignant tumor that was found in her parotid. After two surgeries, this blow seems to be overcome, too. Puhhh...


Because of that, our schedule for this year has moved back a little. But we are still planing diligent for our world conquest, you will get first details soon.


We miss you!!! :-)

30.05.19 // It's Father's Day in Germany, and for a short time we know: Mir zur Feier will house a new father, too! Big congratulations to our bassist Leo and his girlfriend Jenny for the upcoming offspring. Probably it will be a tour-boy...

24.05.19 // Yeeehaaa, Mir zur Feier are now part of the Noizgate-Label family!


Noizgate Records has had its eye on us for quite a while: "Ever since Mir zur Feier appeared on the livestream show of our colleagues at Deafground in 2017 and released a track on our sampler Brutal Vision Vol.3 later that year, we followed the band's career with great interest. As a label from Bielefeld and true to our motto 'Support your local scene' we're more than happy that our home underground has washed up this pearl right in front of our doorstep. We see a huge potential in Mir zur Feier and are convinced that this band will attract quite a bit of international attention in the near future", label spokeswoman Annika Tiedemann rejoices over the upcoming collaboration.


And Mir zur Feier are pleased, too, having found the partner so close-by: "Sometimes the right thing is staring you directly in the face: When we were searching for a partner, we ended up back in Bielefeld after having negotiated with different labels" Mara explains. "With Noizgate Records we feel sure to have found the right partner for us and are thrilled to bring poetry and death metal to the front together from now on." 

10.02.19 // Mir zur Feier-cake and turning the new album up really loud: what a fine Sunday afternoon at the Forum Bielefeld. Consistently thanks a lot to Ralf for making this possible and Jenny for the tasty cake and of course to our loveliest 'guinea pigs' for their appearance and great feedback!

06.02.19 // An awesome new design by Jens of Blue Harvest Tattoo Bielefeld for Mir zur Feier ...stay tuned for what we will do with it! 

01.02.19 // Join us at our first show in 2019: Marburg, we are full of pleasant anticipation!

16.12.18 // 2018 is coming to a close... what a great time for us and Mir zur Feier!!! 


Thanks to all of you, who backed us the whole year and the long way through the FemME-Battles. We are more than grateful for all the people, who joined us as friends, fans and supporters. It has been an amazing and exciting journey, which isn't nearly over yet...

09.12.18 // Finally, the work is done: we finished our six days recording session at Tonmeisterei Oldenburg for the first full-length Mir zur Feier album... yeeeessss!!! So many thanks to our engineers Falk and Role for the awesome time we spend together. We are already totally happy with the outcome but can't wait for mix and mastering. More infos will follow... be curious!!!

11.11.18 // Awesome news: we are very happy to announce the first Female Metal Meltdown talking place at Forum Bielefeld!!! On 28.12. four out of six winners of the FemME-Battles 2016-2018 are sharing stage there. What a package... we are really looking forward!!! Join us!!!


Here you can find the corresponding facebook-event.


01.11.18 // We are very proud to present you our new Mir zur Feier-Homepage!!! Here you will always get the latest news about our exciting path next to many general infos, lyrics, pics and videos. Take a look at our Online-Shop, too!!!

15.10.2018 // Back home after a really great weekend: we met a lot of cool people and bands! We have been a part of a fantastic event which was perfectly organized! ...and we are still speechless about the awesome support YOU gave us!!!


Female Metal Event - FemME: We are very thankful, because you helped us to do the next big step. We will return... 

10.10.18 // Now available online: the FemME-Edition of "Ein Streifen Wirklichkeit" including two new tracks. "Fragmente" is an appetizer for our first full-length, which will be recorded in December this year. Again we will enter the Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg/Germany for it. "Was wirst du tun, Gott" however is an old song we rerecorded for this release, and it sounds adorably fresh now... Get it immediately or wait for the CD-version coming up in our Online-Shop.

11.10.18 // We are preparing for an exciting weekend!!! Join us at the Dynamo in Eindhoven for a remarkable event. A lot of unique and well known acts dedicated to the female-fronted metal-scene will share stage with us. After a long but successful journey through the FemME-Battles 2018, this is the reward for plenty of hard work!!!

29.07.18 // Finally, the job for the FemME-Edition of the "Ein Streifen-Wirklichkeit"-EP is done!!! Thanks a lot to Daan and Pepijn (dressed in fresh MzF-Shirts) of In The Room Studio Kaatsheuvel/Netherlands for a really effective but chilled and funny weekend... Stay tuned for the results!!!

17.06.18 // We are still lost for words... Mir zur Feier has won the FemME-Battles Final 2018 by audience decision... we will see you at the Female Metal Event - FemME in October!!!

21.04.18 // Jiiiiihaaaaa... Eindhoven, we will return for the Final of the 2018 FemME-Battles!!! Mir zur Feier has passed the Semifinal as audience- and jury-winner... A big 'thank you' to all the other bands involved and especially to Setheist (POL) for their massive support!!!

01.04.18 // Rocksanity is coming...

22.03.18 // We did it, the first step is done... Heading for the Semifinal of the 2018 Female Metal Event FemME-Battles as audience- and jury-winner of the German Preliminaries... Awesome!!!

01.03.18 // Real dedication by our drummer René... Thanks a lot to Sarah of Altes Mädchen Tätowierungen Bielefeld/Germany for this awesome piece of ink!!!

02.01.18 // Marburg will be destroyed...

16.11.17 // Take a look at the new Fankyzine Nr.8 for a detailed Mir zur Feier interview. It was a very cool afternoon with Andrea doing this...

10.11.17 // Today the new Brutal Visions Vol.3 sampler will be released by Noizgate Records as a 2CD-Set including 34 tunes by bands from six different countries. One of them: Mir zur Feier with "Der Schauende". You can get this sampler in our Online-Shop!  

10.10.17 // Harz has to prepare...

24.03.17 // The times they are a changin'... our first facebook-livestream-gig is announced! Visit the Deafground Records facebook-site to see it as it happens!!! The guys of And There Will Be Blood will join us.

08.05.16 // After three days without sunlight we left the Tonmeisterei Oldenburg happy but completely deranged... the five tracks for "Ein Streifen Wirklichkeit" are in the books... bääähhhhm!!!