MIR ZUR FEIER - Loud, powerful, earthy metal… with a touch of poetry.


The name of the band Mir zur Feier – which roughly translates to „for my celebration“ – does not suggest an exaggerated tendency of self-adoration among the band members; in fact, it is rather the title of an early poetry collection by the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926). While most people are still familiar with his most famous poem ‚Der Panther‘, very few are aware that Rilke also repeatedly covered death, suffering, existential fears, and hardships in his pieces. Mir zur Feier have dedicated themselves to this particular dark side of his work and combine his lyrics with thrilling metal riffs. Sometimes shouted, sometimes quite melodic, singer Mara Bach manages to convey the expressiveness of Rilke’s lyrics dead-on in her interpretations.


In terms of instrumentation, the band also goes its own way: Mir zur Feier win over the audience with their dramaturgy and timing, while being both musically and conceptually captivating. The nuanced two-part voice of the bass (Leo Brömser) and guitar (Daniel Vorkamp) creates the band’s unique sound, which is a perfect match for the fiery drumming (René Meistrell). Their interplay sure gives each title its „certain something“.


At various live performances throughout the past years, the band has been able to prove that this concept works out well. Mir zur Feier have quickly made a name for themselves in the regional metal scene and beyond – also thanks to their charismatic lead singer. In addition to playing successful gigs with local bands, Mir zur Feier have already opened for nationally and internationally renowned artists, i.e. A Pale Horse Named Death (USA), Aqme and Eths (FRA), or Warpath (GER). 


In 2018 Mir zur Feier won the FemME-Battle, a three-stage elimination for the Female Metal Event - FemME in Eindhoven/Netherlands. It actually is the biggest pan-European competition and festival for female fronted metal bands. 


In January 2013, Mir zur Feier released their first self-produced EP „Erste Elegie“, followed by the double-single „Und das Lied bleibt schön/Du Dunkelheit“ in March 2014 (free download). In mid-2016 the band recorded their latest EP „Ein Streifen Wirklichkeit“ at Tonmeisterei Oldenburg. It was self-released in January 2017 and again in October 2018 as special FemME-Edition with two additional songs via Painted Bass Records. The bands first full-length album will be recorded in December 2018.


Felix Neukirch is the mind behind the band’s graphics; the Bielefeld-based media designer has been studying Rilke’s work and its artistic implications for a long time.


Mir zur Feier have come a long way since the band’s formation in 2011, and are eager to spread their impressive energy on stages in Germany and Europe-wide.


Mara Bach


Daniel Vorkamp


Leo Brömser


René Meistrell